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Ling long. Vol. 4, issue 135 (1934), page 583

v. 4, issue 135 (1934), p. 583

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Being a Contemporary Girl

Ling long. Vol. 4, issue 135 (1934), page 583
English translation

Miss Li Ying

When you bring up the term contemporary girl, there are people who will associate it with modern girl or think of modeng gouer ¹ , and thereafter every negative connotation like flower vase ² and plaything will come to mind. In fact, it is not that modern girl is such a bad word; it is just that many people today distort it. Therefore I use "girl of this age" or "girl of today" as the best way to represent contemporary girl. Let's get down to specifics and take a closer look at what counts as a description of a girl of today.

Number one: A girl of today must have a strong body and be of sound mind. This is fundamental to everything. A girl of today must be a strong-willed success. A weak and feeble-minded person cannot be competent.

Number two: She must have a broad vision and not be satisfied with her present situation. Only after that can she rise up and show promise, and build a worthwhile career.

Number three: She must be a learned person, because learning is a tool for achieving one's goals. If she is not completely equipped with this tool, her ability to compete will be diminished and her ambition will be reduced.

Number four: She must have the ability to stand on her own two feet. She cannot depend on other people, especially economically, because if she is not financially independent she is just a parasite on other people. But if she can have a few forward-looking goals and the ability to stand on her own two feet, then of course she will have no problems.

Number five: She must renounce jealousy. This is the last condition for being a girl of today. This may not appear to be completely important, but it is closely related to whether a person is a success or a failure. There are jealous people who are envious when they see other people excel. This is really bad, because acting like this can affect the future of ones own undertakings. Achievement will also be very difficult.

Naturally, there must be several other important conditions in addition to these five. But a person who can follow these five points already qualifies as a girl of today.


¹ This word is given phonetically in Chinese characters

² "Flower vase" is used for the connotation of a woman as "decorative object."

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