1968: The Global Revolutions

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President Johnson’s withdrawal, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and the popularity of McCarthy’s insurgent campaign made for one of the most chaotic Democratic primary seasons in history. In state after state the candidates vied to convince voters that they could respond to the challenges of the Vietnam War abroad, as well as racism at home. The process was more straightforward on the Republican side. Former vice president Richard M. Nixon had a relatively smooth path to the nomination, though – having lost the general election in 1960 – he was hardly considered a sure-fire candidate for success in November. While the Democrats moved to the Left, Nixon promised law and order for the nation’s cities, as well as a strong hand in Vietnam.

Inter-Block Council for Peace
“Stop Humphrey” Flyer, 1968
University Protest and Activism Collection

The Progressive, 1968
Todd Gitlin Papers

“Nixon La Peste Dehors!”, 1969
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