1968: The Global Revolutions

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At noon on Tuesday, April 23rd, several hundred students met in the heart of the campus for a planned “Sundial Rally.” They held the rally and then marched to Low Library, intending to present University President Grayson Kirk with a list of demands. Unsuccessful in gaining entry, and meeting opposition from approximately 200 students representing the opposition group “Students for a Free Campus,” they turned and marched toward the Morningside Park gym construction site. Once there, a spontaneous demonstration took place, with protesters climbing over the metal fences, and tearing down chicken wire at the project. In the resulting tussle with police and security, one student was arrested.

"Protestors on Ledge of Low Library...," 1968
University Protest and Activism Collection

Three Photographs of Police, 1968
University Protest and Activism Collection

"Students at the Gymnasium Construction site," 1968
University Protest and Activism Collection

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