John H. Yardley Collection of Architectural Letterheads

Index, Company Names


A. Isaacs & Co. James Paton & Co.
A. J. Bates & Co. Inc. James Pyle & Sons
A.H. Montague & Son James S. Barron & Co.
A.S. Barnes & Co. Jay C. Wemple & Co.
Abel Bros. & Co. Jewelers & Tradesmen's Life Insurance Co.
Aikin, Lambert & Co. John A. Eckert & Co.
Alfred Munroe & Co. John A. Gray
Allen-Ditchett Company John Blakely
Ambrose E. Barnes & Bro. John C. Tucker & Co.
American Bank Note Company John Crotty
American Dry Goods Company John Dixon Crucible Co.
American Grocery Company John F. Stratton & Co.
American Standard Jewelry Co. John G. McMurray & Co.
American Surety Company John R. Waters
Anderson & Krum Stationery Co. John W. Quincy
Anger-Brohel Co., Inc. L. Levenson & Co.
Antoni Tadross & Co. Lafarge House
Antozone Chemical Co. Lafayette Place Baths and Hotel
Arbuckle Bros. Lanman & Kemp
Arthur & Bonnell Lathrop, Ludington & Co.
Astor House Lawrence, Son & Cerrish
Atlantic Hotel Lazell, Dalley & Co.
Austin, Nichols & Co. Leeds & Hazard
B. Fischer & Co. Leopold & Friedberger & Co.
B. Fischer & Co., Inc. Lewis & Son
Baldwin the Clothier Lewis DeGroff & Son Wholesale Grocers
Bankers Trust Company Leys, Christie & Co.
Bawo & Dotter Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Beards & Cummings Louis Amberg, Brill & Co.
Bennett, Sloan & Co. Lovejoy's Hotel
Bo. of Bowen and McNamee Lucius Hart
Bohne Bros. & Co. M. & H. Schrenkeisen
Bonnett, Schenk & Earle M. Gropper & Sons
Boyd's City Dispatch M. H. Wiltzius Co.
Boynton Furnace Co. M. Ward. Close & Co.
Bradley & Smith M.&S. Sternberger
Broadway Bargain House M.L. Frank & Co.
Broadway Central Hotel M.S. Driggs & Co.
Brotherhood Wine Co. Mail and Express
Brown, Harris & Hopkins Mason & Hanson
Budde & Westermann Max Ams
Butcher's Advocate Mayor, Lane & Co.
Butler & Co. McKesson & Robbins
Butler Brothers Mechanics & Traders Bank
Butler, Broome & Clapp Mercantile Agency
C. G. Gunther & Sons Metropolitan Hotel
C. G. Gunther's Sons Metropolitan Insurance Company
C. H. & E. S. Goldberg Meyer Bros
C. T. Raynolds & Co. Miller, Tompkins & Co.
C. V. Clickener & Co. Molyneux Bell
Caledonian Insurance Company Montgomery & Co.
Carson & Hard Morse & Rogers
Cary Manufacturing Co. Mulford & Sprague
Charles Broadway Rouss Myer Gans
Charles King N.Y.W. Mattress Co.
Charles Vagt & Co. National Broadway Bank
Chas Israel & Bros. New Paper Box Co.
Cherouny & Kienle, Printers New York Hotel
City Hotel New York Life Insurance Co.
City of New York Department of Finance Comptroller's Office New York Post
City of New York Insurance Company New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung
Clark, Austin & Smith Occidental Hotel
Clinton Hotel Oscar Frommel & Bro.
Columbia Skirt Co. P. L. Rogers & Co.
Colwell Lead Company P. Roberts, Dr.
Commercial Union Life Insurance Co. Pangborn, Davis & Haydens
Conley, Kirk & Co. Park Hotel
Continental Life Insurance Company Patterson Brothers
Continental Paper Bag Co. Paul C. Coffin & Co.
Cosmopolitan Hotel Peter Schneider's Sons & Co.
Courtlandt Street Hotel Phalon & Son
Cunningham, Frost & Throckmortons Phelps, Dodge & Co.
Cushing, Bardua & Co. Pollock & Van Wagenen
Cushman Bros. Company Pool, Nazro & Kimball
D. Davis & Sons Price Bro's & Co.
D. Devlin & Company Private Estate Coffee Company
D. S. Walton & Co. R. C. Williams & Co.
Dun's Reviews R. L. & A. Stuart
E. B. Brown & White Rand Drill Company
E. C. Hazard & Co. Randolph M. Smiley
Earle's House Reed & Hewlett
Eastern Hotel Rees & Hoyt
Edmonds & Benton Robert G. Gregg's Great Carpet and Furniture Warehouse
Edmonds & Gedney Robert Gair
Edward D. Depew & Co. Robert Graves & Co.
Eli Baldwin & Son Rosin Oil Manufacturers
Elsas Paper Co. Rudolph Bros.
Eugene M. Travis & Co. S. A. Maxwell & Co.
Evening Post S. B. Chittenden & Co.
Exchange Clothing Company S. B. Clark
F. Huhn Inc. S. B. Penick & Company
F. W. DeVoe & C. T. Raynolds Co. S. E. Bloch & Bro.
F. W. Gesswein S. F. Myers & Co.
Faraday & PR S. Langsdorf & Co.
Fenner & Hardenbergh S. R. Van Duzer
Fifth Avenue Hotel S.A. Ilsley & Co.
Frank F. Lovell & Co., Dr. Salim Elias
Frank H. Lester Samuel Lewis
Fred'K C. Linde & Co. Samuel Schiff & Co.
French's Hotel Scandinavian Hotel
Froman Brothers Scheuer & Brother

G. Sidenberg & Co.

Sherman & Sprague
Gay Brothers & Company Silas W. Driggs
Geo. Borgfeldt & Co. Slote & Janes
Geo. C. McEwen & Co. Smith & McNell's Hotel
Geo. F. Bassett & Co. Smith & McNell's Hotel & Dining Rooms
Geo. F. Wiemann Co. Southard, Robertson & Co.
George A. Moss St. Nicholas Hotel
George B. Whitmore & Co. Stone, Starr & Co.
Girard House Strauss, Kupfer & Co.
Goodyear's  Summit Hotel
Grant & Co. Collecting Agency Sweeney's Hotel
Gray Lithograph Co. T. G. & A. L. Rowe
H. B. Hardenburg & Co. Taylors' International Hotel & Saloons
H. J. Frost & Co. The Bradley & Currier Co.
H. Wallach's Sons The Cook & Bernheimer Co.
H.B. Claflin Corporation The Garvin Machine Co.
Hackett, Carhart & Co. The Tribune
Halsey Fitch & Son The World
Harper & Brothers, Publishers Thurber, Whyland & Co.
Hartman, Goldsmith & Co. Turner & Co.
Havana Cigar Factory U.T. Hungerford Brass & Copper Co.
Havemeyer, Townsend & Co. Underwood Typewriter Co.
Hecker & Brother Union Terminal Cold Storage Co., The Manhattan Refrigerating Co., Kings County Refrigerating Co.
Heidelberg, Wolff & Co. V.C. & C.V. King
Henry Seibert & Bros. Vanhorne, Griffen & Co.
Hoffman Corr MF'G Co. Venable & Heyman
Holbrook Brothers W. A. Bingham & Co.
Holbrook Brothers, Inc. W. D. Hanford
Hosford & Ketcham W. Kay Company, Inc.
Howard Hotel W.G. Dean & Son
Howe, Brown & Co. W.R. Mitchell & Co.
Howlett Brothers Western Hotel
Ide, Felt & Hall Whittemore, Peet, Post & Co.
International Coffee Company Wilbur & Hastings
International Hotel William Lohr, Dr.
Irving House William Wall's Sons
J. C. Dowd & Co. Wilson Brothers
J. Dickson & Bro. Wm A. Higgins & Co.
J. Fitzpatrick & Co. Wm. A. Leggett & Co.
J. S. Shields & Co. Wm. H. Lyon & Co.
J. W. Fiske Wood & Selick, Inc.
J.&G. Lippmann Woodward Steam Pump Manufacturing Co.
J.W. Lyon & Co. YMCA
Jaburg Brothers Young, Ladd & Coffin
James L. Wells Zimmer & Dunkak, Inc.
James P. Silo Zucker & Levett & Loeb Co.

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