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Photograph of Carolina Marcial Dorado. photograph recto

Portrait of Professor Marcial Dorado, head of the Spanish Department at Barnard College

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Carolina Marcial Dorado, Ph.D., professor, and director of the Spanish Department at Barnard College from its founding in 1920 until her death in 1941, was a fundamental agent in the history of the teaching of Spanish and Hispanic culture in the United States. A few months after joining Barnard, she founded the Círculo Hispano, a student club whose objective was to promote Hispanic culture and language. One of her greatest contributions was the promotion of the participation of Spanish and American women in academic and cultural exchanges between Spain and the United States. Between 1922 and 1925 she organized the “College of the Pyrenées”, a school of Spanish language and culture for American ladies that was held during the summer seasons in Barcelona. In 1939, Marcial Dorado created Barnard's Latin American Program, a pioneering project in American universities whose main objective was to disseminate in this institution the contributions of South American countries in the world of art, history, music, science, and literature, in addition to hosting Latin American students in their Hispanic residence.

Since 1953, Barnard College gives the Carolina Marcial Dorado Spanish Scholarship Fund to a student from Spain, or to a Spanish major continuing graduate study in the United States or abroad, or to a student who is majoring in Spanish.

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