Russian Imperial Corps of Pages: An Online Exhibition Catalog

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The Corps of Pages was both a military and a Court institution. Pages of the upper two classes were in regular attendance at all major Court functions. The Court rank of "Kammerpage" or "Page of the Chamber" was assigned to those Pages who received at least an "A-" in all science subjects, an "A" in military drill and an "Excellent" in conduct. The chief among the Pages of the Chamber was ipso facto the Page of the Chamber of the Tsar. The Tsarina and each member of the Imperial Household had a Page of the Chamber assigned to them. So had all Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses. As a rule, Pages of the Chamber and Pages were invited to participate in many Imperial Court events. This case is dedicated to the Imperial Coronation, which took place in 1896, and to the festivities in connection with the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty.

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