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Postcards grew in popularity throughout the twentieth century as affordable souvenirs of sites and attractions. The Souvenir Postcard Collection in Avery Classics consists of nearly 2,600 booklets containing postcard sets folded accordion-style into their covers. These postcards depict cities, parks, landmarks and other destinations across the United States such as universities and military bases. The collection's scope illustrates the rapid growth the country experienced mid-century as the rise of the automotive industry and an expanding road infrastructure connected developing towns and cities.

Accessing the Souvenir Postcard Collection

At this time, there is no item-level inventory for this collection. The collection is arranged alphabetically by city, region, or name of place. To consult materials from this collection, there is a collection-level CLIO record and corresponding call number (Avery Classics AA707 C68) that patrons can refer to when making a research appointment. When requesting the material, all potential locations of interest should be included.

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