A.J. Downing & His Legacy

Downing's Successors

The craftsman, vol. XXXIII, no. 6. Cover.

Cover. The craftsman, vol. XXXIII, no. 6, March 1913. AB C84

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Downing's successors recognized the power of the press to influence the potential home-builder or buyer, and soon there were pattern books by architects touting their own designs, real estate entrepreneurs marketing developments of “tasteful” houses, and woodworking supply firms pushing their own brand of trim.

Calvert Vaux was the most direct descendent as he was working in partnership with Downing at the time of Downing's untimely death, but many others were influenced indirectly.

The list of those influenced by Downing includes, but is certainly not limited to, the following names, whose contributions are explored more thoroughly in the following pages.

A.J. Bicknell & Co.

William Ranlett

John Riddell

Samuel Sloan

Gustav Stickley

George Woodward

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