A Church is Born: Church of South India Inauguration

The Character of Protestant Christianity in South India > Distinction

One can sense this distinctive character here in South India by a hasty survey of some of its Congregational, Presbyterian and Reformed church activities.

American Protestantism has no counterpart for this Ashram or place of communal and religious retreat, at Kodaikanal.

At Kodaikanal, too, there is an outdoor shrine, — a place for public as well as private-devotion.

This place of prayer in the Ashram at Vellore finds a symbolism in the skin upon the floor, in the writings on the wall, and in the designs on both side panels.

Thus the Indian in his private devotions

as well as in his services of public prayer, stresses the introspective nature of his Christianity. But even more is the Indian church distinguished for its evangelism.

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