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Burmese marionette of male with flesh-colored face

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Burmese marionette of male with flesh-colored face


Male with flesh-colored face, chest, lower arms, hands, lower legs, and feet; black hair, tied in a tuft on top of head; thighs black. Costumed in a short open jacket and "diaper" type pants both trimmed in silver. Bare-footed.


Dramatic Museum Realia
Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University


DM number: P20.03
Box: 1



Additional Item Metadata


Purchased by John Mulholland in Singapore, 1926


"Marionettes in Museums of the United States," in Puppetry, a Yearbook of Puppets and Marionettes. Edited by Paul McPharlin, 23-28. Detroit: The Inland Press, 1930.; Spaulding, Jean, "Masks and Marionettes," Institute Magazine Dec. 1929: 12-13, 28-29.; Bell, John. "Puppets and 'The Iconography of Drama': The Brander Matthews Collection at Columbia University." in American Puppetry. Edited by Phyllis T. Dircks, 105-117. New York: McFarland and Company, 2004.

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Original Format

Marionettes (stringed puppets)
wood, cloth

Physical Dimensions

13" (18")


“Burmese marionette of male with flesh-colored face,” Columbia University Libraries Online Exhibitions, accessed May 29, 2024, https://exhibitions.library.columbia.edu/exhibits/show/realia/item/1338.

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